When the Sun Goes Down in the City…

On our First Subaru Nightlife Travels, we stopped off at a car wash to rinse away more than a week’s worth of dirty snow and road salt before venturing out into the night.  It was one of those unmanned car washes, the kind where you pull up to a machine and a female voice instructs you on what to do.  Without hesitation, I jumped a step ahead, putting my ATM card in before selecting the type of car wash desired.  “The voice” was none too pleased I had not followed instructions properly, and politely scolded me for not following the directions.  We finished paying, entered the bay, and a lone robotic arm continuously circled the car soaping, washing, rinsing and waxing our yellow Subaru to a sheen.  

The Bright Lights From the Catholic Church Stood Out…

I have always been fascinated by old churches.  Not that I am overly religious.  I just think churches are one of many architectural marvels right under our noses.   Who doesn’t love a building made of thick brick, stone or concrete?  Churches have evolved over a two thousand year history of religion.  Filled with colorful stained-glass windows, grand steeples, huge iron church bells and cathedral ceilings, there is something soothing about being surrounded by all the heavy minerals, hardwoods, large pillars and expansive arches that reach to the heavens.


Our travels started out on the north side of town, where the bright lights of the Blessed Sacrament Church caught our eye.   The steeple from this 62-year-old church is one of many architectural elements that stand out in the heart of night with its shades of blue lights bathing the exterior cupolas and accenting the cross at the tip of the steeple.  A blend of light browns illuminate the church’s grand-entrance with softer lights and shadows circling the outline of the atrium, nave and alter.  On the far end of the courtyard, special white LED lights reflect off the “Blessed Sacrament” headstone which flanks one of two church entrances.  This first picture now snapped, definitely did not disappoint.

Lit Up in the Night Sky…

We jetted off to the far end of town, down by the river.  Near the top of our nightly travel list was the Siouxland Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.  The bridge is lit-up with dazzling purple lights that attract attention from miles all around.  An arch bridge, built in 1981, it spans more than 1,500 feet and carries U.S. Route 77 across the Missouri River between Sioux City, Iowa and South Sioux City, Nebraska.  Over 28,000 cars traverse this mammoth bridge daily.  Don’t you think the purple backdrop goes well with our yellow Subaru? 


We couldn’t help but pause and take pics of the Anderson Dance Pavilion and the large U.S. flag with 12-foot tall statues of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Mandan Chief Sheheke at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and the Delta Hotels Marriott across the Missouri River in South Sioux City, Nebraska.  The boldly lit Tyson Event Center also made for a nice backdrop for our dimly lit Subie!  


Not far from the bridge is the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, with its iconic red and yellow guitar and world-renown purple and gold Hard Rock Hotel & Casino sign atop the building.  The Hard Rock is filled with plenty of nightlife entertainment, from musical artists to shopping, good food, and drinks, along with the usual fun-filled games one normally finds in a casino.  How well does the Baja blend with the colors reflecting off the Casino’s backdrop?

Along the way to the casino, we snapped a picture of a musical trolley car that was navigating its way along the side streets near the Hard Rock Hotel.  We also caught the cherry red lights circling the top of the MidAmerican Energy Building before leaving the Hard Rock over-flow parking lot.

Next, it was onward to see the Christmas lights at the beautiful Grandview Park Rose Garden.  The Rose Garden is neatly tucked away on the backside of the park’s pavilion near a quiet neighborhood filled with grand-old brick houses. We snapped a few more pics of the city’s lights across town on our return leg home…



It is very refreshing to know, that when the cold north winds blow that the forces that push us deeper inside, can be overcome by just a simple drive where breathing-in the night air and gazing at the city lights can make these shorter days and dark-filled nights seem not as long.    

What are some of your experiences this winter in the cities near you?

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