Recovery workout Day 1

Saturday I felt ambitious and in spite of the fact that I knew most of my day would be travelling to another town, and then going to our oldest son’s wedding Anniversary, more about that in another post, I got up before 7:00 a.m. and was out the door by 7:20 a.m. to go to the track and get a workout in.

Since starting my blog I am held accountable to my readers, as I should and want to be, so out the door I went to get in a INTENSE, push myself workout. I have ran at the track before, HIIT sprints. I know I really didn’t push myself because I didn’t feel like I do today.

I got to the track, and decided that I would do 20 minutes of stairs, I only did 16 minutes, but that really doesn’t matter because today I can barely walk. I am actually toddling around, because my calf muscles are burnt. On the one hand, great job I clearly worked those muscles, on the other hand ouch, ouch, ouch how am I going to function tomorrow at work.

It has been over two decades, since I have worked a part of my body to the point where everyday movement hurt, and believe it or not I feel good because I know that I can still push myself. Of course it will take at least a week to recover.

Saturday it was raining off and on while I was at the track, and it was just another reminder that my days of getting out into the fresh air and working out are coming to a close here in the Plains. My thoughts are now turning to alternative workout options, equipment that I can continue down this road to fitness.

What type of workouts do you do when it is cold and snowy and you can’t get outside as much? What about exercise equipment?

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