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Mother’s Day: A Tribute to Moms

A Tribute to Moms

Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on me, every year I find myself behind the ball.  I want to say that I hope that my Mom understands that it doesn’t mean that I don’t love her, but I know that sometimes that thought sneaks into my head when my boys forget. This post is a reminder to me and everyone that while Mom may seem invincible and strong we have feelings so as a reminder to myself here are just a few things to remember, out of the million, that Mom’s do.

What Mom’s Do

Diapers: Oh sooo many diapers

If you have ever been around a stinky diaper then you know that one of the stinkiest parts of a mom’s job is changing diapers. On average the number of diapers that a child goes through is 7,000 per child. I had three so that is approximately 21,000 diapers. That is not including sick days enough said.


Whether it be the sniffles, diahrrea, throwing up, cuts, scrapes or for those moms whom have to be there for much more serious illnesses. Mom’s are there day and night, weekends and holidays to comfort, clean and care for their children’s needs. 

Potty Training:

I had three boys and I have to tell you that potty training was HARD. Just figuring out how to let a little person know what going to the potty even was, and how to know when to go. Think about that every time you don’t make a mess in your pants lol. 


Before you can even start pre-school or Kindergarten, there are some things you have to know, but that isn’t why your Mom taught you your ABC’s, 1,2,3’s, manners etc… She taught you those things because she loves spending time with you, and she wants you to be successful. 

Mom’s: Recognizing All who Fill the Role

Because we have become accustomed to labeling, and we get stuck thinking within a box, we often overlook Mothers who don’t fit the conventional label.

Single Dads whom by whatever circumstance are the sole parent. Often raised on how to be a good provider, but never thought that you would have to play a dual role of both Mom and Dad. So often Dads are portrayed as the absent parent, the disciplinarian or just a weekend Dad. Kudos to those Dads who have taken on the challenge of being both parents to your child.


Step-Moms, again the labels am I right? Seriously, the first thing that came to my mind was the evil step-mom, but man what a difficult role. Whether biological Mom is in the picture or not, where do you stand? You play the part, you love the child like your own but the dynamics can be so tricky. It’s got to be hard for the kids too, and yet so many of you have made it work and work well.

Foster Moms you voluntarily take in someone else’s child(ren) at all hours of the day. Often these children come from homes of abuse and/or neglect. These children are angry, confused and hurt. You know little to nothing about them, but often you soon find out that they come with all sorts of baggage.                                

These are some of our most vulnerable and troubled youth, and yet you take on the challenge and do your best to provide stability, consistency, and love. It’s a tough position, because you become attached and yet the best case scenario is that the children get to go back home, and you may never get to see them again, but I know they remain in your heart. Without foster Moms where would these children go?

Grandmas, Aunts, and other family raising your grandchild(ren), nieces, nephews cousins… In my line of work in Child Protection Services, it lifts my heart when I can place a child(ren) with family. Gone are the days when that was a given. If a child cannot be with their parents, the next best place is with family. It’s a difficult role to play having to deal with relatives, but you do it anyway because you love those kids.


Adoptive Moms: If you ask most women who want a family they will say they want a child of their own, when that isn’t possible I cannot imagine having to let go of that dream, and yet so many do taking in children who have nowhere else to go, have no parents or family and like you they are waiting for someone to call their own.

Empty Nesters: I fall into this category after an 18, 19-year career of raising our children to be responsible, respectable and productive adults, our reward is an empty bedroom. Just because they are gone doesn’t mean that we don’t worry, that our ears and eyes don’t yearn to hear their voices and to see them again. Their lives become busier, and often ours become less so, they have families and responsibilities of their own, and we are left alone. It’s hard to let go, but let go we do. The transition from child to adult can be difficult for Moms to handle. When you have played the same role for almost two decades, you have lived and breathed being Mom the pain of letting go and watching them walk out the door is indescribable. Our responsibilities may have lessened, but our role never goes away. Once a Mom always a Mom.


To all the Moms and those wearing the Mom hat have a blessed and joyous day and remember that you change the world every single day.


Happy Mother’s Day



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