Lesson 4: Are You Truly Motivated?

It comes down to one simple thing,
how bad do you want it?
Sarah, Tyler and Anita before the Big Race.
Are you tired of being fat?
Out of shape?
Worn out?
Like the Chinese proverb,
“A journey of a 1,000 miles, begins with one step…
why not start your fitness journey now?
Tyler at the start of the race.
Don’t let the excuse of the holidays be your barrier.
Embrace it.  Visualize it.  Then own it!

My Winter Time Plan 

I always use the winter to work on my weaknesses.
Refine my core.  Strengthen my joints, tendons, muscles.
“Low and slow” is my motto in the winter time.
Rarely do I break a sweat this time of year.  Rather,
I’m doing low reps (6-8), medium to higher weights.
Low intensity.  The focus is building muscle and strength.
I want to be ready for harder work come spring.  That is what winter conditioning is to me. 
Lee on his way to a late spring work out.

Getting started

But what if you are just getting started?  Or perhaps it’s 
been awhile since you’ve exercised?
Clearly, you may be in need of a physical if you haven’t had 
one in awhile.  Especially, if you are concerned about 
your health and it’s been awhile since working out.
Two of my favorite ways to get motivated are music
and video clips (action movie scenes!).

What are some other ways to motivate yourself?

1) Set goals.
2) Break your goals down into manageable segments.
3) Pick activities that interest you.
4) Start slow.
5) Chart your progress.
6) Grab a workout partner.
7) Hold yourself accountable.
8) Let’s make a deal.  Lose 25 lbs. Reward yourself.
9) Take pics of your progress.
10) You vs. You. Compare you with only you.
11) Have fun with it.
12) Expect failure. Go slow. Get back on the horse.
13) Ditch TV.
14) Filter and careful select information flow.  More fitness.  Less drama.
15) Simplify your diet.  See “27 Ways to Shed Fat…”  http://bit.ly/2zW9HJh
16) Know your limits.
17) Be serious about your goals.
18) Get it in Gear and finish the race!
Sarah, Tyler and Anita after the race.
 In case you’re looking for a quick-start guide: complements of style craze.
And just in case you think you need a gym (or high-tech’s the only way),
think again.  A clip from Rocky IV.

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