Lesson 3: Plan B

As I reflect on this moderately cool, gray morning…
Part of our deck looking out in the trees and valley below this morning.
I think back, to a brighter spot in time last year – my normal workout plan, included:
– Sprints
– Obstacle courses
– Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, other calisthenics
– Weightlifting
At the lake near our home – just finishing up sprinting and burpees.


Me and part of the obstacle course the city set up at the lake.
Since then, THAT plan has required a drastic overhaul.
If you recall in prior posts, I tore my ACL (not while working out) but part of the untold truth, is I tore it while sleeping — yes, sleeping! That’s a story for another time…
As a result, I’ve had to significantly revamp my lifestyle because of my knee injury, but…it has not detracted me from working toward, a healthier body, mind and soul.
There have been other recent setbacks – my wife Anita, broke her ankle a few weeks ago. Our entrance to our home, is on the second floor, up a very long set of narrow wooden steps.  Trying to help Anita up that long flight of narrow steps (with my bum knee) has definitely been a motivator – coincidentally “motivation” is (to be) our fourth upcoming lesson.
Despite my injury, I’ve switched to Plan B, my physical therapy routine includes:
– Yoga (for strengthening and creating flexibility in the knee)
– Bowflex weight training
Me and yoga this morning – haha!


In-between sets on the Bowflex!
I have to chuckle moment, because frankly, I always ‘thought’ yoga was for whimps! My wife jokingly said to our friends when we moved here last year, “the deck is nice and big, plenty of room for Lee to do his yoga.”  I had never “officially” used yoga as part of my workout routine EVER, so that’s become ironic!  Au contraire Mon f’rere,” did I learn how tough ‘a yoga workout’ can be, especially as part of an injury recovery program.  
On a positive note, the yoga therapy is working. Just as I had hoped! 😉
But I digressed.
This lesson is about planning. “Planning” is a key to our weight loss plan.
In our last lesson, I mentioned the importance of “having a plan” if you unintentionally, have to work late. My normal routine used to be, go straight to the gym from work, what happens if that plan gets interrupted?
Could you work in a brief 15-20 minute routine at home?  Switch to Plan B.
Running and sprinting (yes, at 53, I still love to sprint and) was one of my daily staples.
Like the fabled run of “the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, who reported the victory. The marathon was one of the original modern Olympic events in 1896,” so I very much love running as part of my WO plan.
Yoga is MY PLAN B.  My Plan B will get me back to Plan A (running) – and I WILL reach my goal!  Sometimes we have to take a step back in life to move ahead (hence, life)…
The best way to define “planning” is to find what exercise and diet, works best for you.
Part of our daily diet, includes nutritional supplements.  We take BCAA for muscle-, joint-, and tendon-health. Coincidentally, although working out very hard, I had skipped my BCAA supplement while traveling. As luck (or fate) would have it, that is when the injury bug bit me.
Recall, “consistency” is another part of our lesson plan?
Getting the most out of our body, I have learned at this stage in life, I MUST stay ‘consistent’ in both diet and exercise planning. At 53 and sprinting, our bodies are like a finely-tuned machine – zooming down the highway at 100 mph, but if our daily staples change over moderate timelines (BCAA), we can expect our bodies may require serious maintenance (knee) rehab.  This is why planning is so important. Looking and feeling our best, we NEED to plan ahead.
Life will ALWAYS throw us curveballs. The key is, NEVER let life “get in the way” of reaching our goals.
So what are some ways to integrate better planning into our daily lifestyle?
1. Breakfast: Start your day off right. Are you grabbing Starbucks every morning? We love Starbucks and do occasionally grab a Mocha double-shot espresso too, but would a cup of oatmeal, a tiny dash of honey and fresh blueberries be much better?
2. Everything in Moderation: How big are your portions? Our meal size is the size of the palm of our hand, we have found best for losing or maintaining our weight. Smaller, more frequent (healthy) meals are the best too.
3. Change it Up: When the treadmill becomes boring…What is Plan B? 
4. Goal Setting: Yoga – my Plan B – helps to reach Plan A (running and sprinting).
5. Reward Plan: Pick one day to reward yourself – tiny dessert or entr’ee.
Planning:  Is our #3 cornerstone to rock hard abs!
Plan ahead!  To Be a Superman or Supermom Always have a Plan B!
Now, repeat after me:
1. I’ve GOT this!
2. I MUST do this!
3. I WILL do this!
4. I CAN do this!
5. I AM doing this!
Don’t let a MAJOR setback (knee injury) get in the way of what you love to do!  Roll with it!!!
Every time you think about skipping a workout or eating an unhealthy snack. Think:
Lesson Three Recap:
1. Yoga isn’t for whimps!
2. Get the most from our body: Requires careful planning.
3. Integrate planning: Breakfast. Moderation. Change Up. Goals. Reward.
4. Set backs? So what! Roll with it!!!
Next up: Motivation, our #4 strategy.
A little “300” Clip to pump-up your day (*we do not condone violence, but DO believe strongly in mental toughness)!
Carefully plan the day ahead! Do not submit to ‘bad habits’ or let them threaten your goals…SPARTAN UP!

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