Lesson 2: Consistency

Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Lee before the rope climb in Sparta.
Especially when my (fictitious) body-construction crew took the morning off. I’m definitely suffering from a self-inflicted “pancake wound” (or make that two).
Yes, I caved this morning, because my body was seriously craving carbs!
I had two chocolate chip pancakes that I tossed into the toaster…they WERE “nice and toasty”…and delicious!
Pancake breakfast.
On the brighter side, they were ONLY 93 calories a piece!  Is that so bad?  😉
But I digress. 
This lesson is about consistency.  Being “consistent” is one of our keys to weight loss.
So how can I tie “a consistency lesson” into eating two ready-made pancakes?
If I was SUPER-SERIOUS about shedding fat, I wouldn’t be eating two carb-filled cakes that are nestled in my lower abdomen right now, but even though I’m NOT TOO CONCERNED about losing weight this morning, I DON’T want my diet to spiral out of control, so I will pay particular attention to what I eat for the remainder of the day. Consistency and building good habits are ‘the theme’ this morning, also a few ways to make up for life’s little eating sins.
Meanwhile, I am sipping on this cold, natural (unsweetened) glass of iced tea, which is a great beverage for helping keep the weight off.  
Cold iced-tea is definitely one of my daily staples.  It comes from the earth, and is naturally calorie free.  
Conversely, a 16-ounce bottle of sweetened iced tea contains about 180 calories, so it isn’t likely to help you lose weight.                        
What does consistency look like for you?
Sweetened iced tea may taste great, but I guarantee THAT SUGAR is going to pack on the pounds, and definitely get in the way of your weight loss goals.  I know that sounds a little self-righteous, especially coming from someone that just ate two pancakes, but I assure you, I will be good the rest of the day – remember what I said about balance and “finding what ‘works best’ for you!?” ?
Looking back at Tyler climbing the ropes.
These short lessons are about developing habits.  Good habits.  Consistent habits.
They are NOT about some lose-weight quick routine, that usually ALWAYS ends up failing, BUT I assure you, we will get to the STEPS on how to accelerate weight loss.  Right now, think long-term, instead…
“Slow and steady wins the race,” is one of my favorite fitness and lifestyle quotes. That’s what these lesson plans are about…creating a ‘long-term’ healthy lifestyle.
Tyler throwing the spear.
Seriously, why lose 20 lbs. when in 12 months you will pack on 30 more?  It just doesn’t make sense.  The yo-yo diet effect is also NOT healthy, AND  we want those “rock hard” abs to last don’t we?
Tyler and I near the end of the race.
That’s why consistency is so important.  My goal is to always stay within 10-12 lbs of my target weight.
Our son Tyler.
So what are some ways to develop consistency in our lifestyle?
1. Dream big: Visualization is ALWAYS BIG in reaching end goals.
2. Think:  Think of all the ‘things’ (daily barriers) that throw life’s balance off scale.
3. Believe: Don’t just fantasize you CAN do this – BELIEVE and follow through with that belief.
4. Pre-plan:  Create a mentally prepared plan and PUT the plan into action EVERY TIME a barrier happens.  For instance, if I know I’m going to be working late, “how do I squeeze in a workout?”
5. Stick to the plan: Don’t let one little “oh screw this!” moment lead to two, which leads to three, and more.
Tyler and I in-between events.

Inconsistency:  Is the #2 roadblock to rock hard abs!  

Be consistent!  Stay on course!!  Be and THINK like a beast!!!  
Now, repeat after me:
1. I’ve GOT this!
2. I MUST do this!
3. I WILL do this!
4. I CAN do this!
5. I AM doing this!
I had a pancake this morning. So what?  It’s not a set back, it was a tiny cheat meal.
I will NOT skip my work out this morning!  In fact, I’ll add a little cup of intensity to it, to make up for it!
I’m NOT going to let one tiny cheat meal, THROW MY game off!
I WON’T let one cheat meal turn into TWO cheat meals. 
THIS is how you become consistent – by having a plan.
A plan for what to do when your body craves carbs and you have two pancakes.
 Every time you think or DO have a cheat meal, I want you to think:
Lesson One Recap: 
1. “Small” cheat meals are OK: But you have to make up for it!
2. Always develop good (healthy) habits.
3. Dream. Think. Believe. Pre-Plan. Stick-to-the-Plan.
4. EVERYTHING in moderation.
Next up:  Planning, our #3 strategy.
Tyler and I after the race.
Remember – Go the distance!  Rome wasn’t built in a day…
And a little Rocky motivation in case you are ready to throw in the towel:

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