Lesson 1: Mental Toughness

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Remove negativity from your life.
Words like I can’t.  I won’t.  I’ll never.


How many times have we sabotaged our weight loss goals by using these types of phrases?
1. Pity:  It doesn’t matter, no one loves me.
2. Doubt: I’ve tried but failed many times before.
3. Shame: I’m too embarrassed to go to the gym.
4. Guilt:  I just had a cheat meal, I’m giving up.
5. All-or-Nothing: I’m too sore from my workout, I can’t do this.
Negative words:  Are the #1 roadblock to those rock hard abs!  
Get rid of them!!!
Instead, repeat after me:
1. I’ve GOT this!
2. I MUST do this!
3. I WILL do this!
4. I CAN do this!
5. I AM doing this!
Do you strive to include “positivity in  you day?

You will have set backs.  You will have cheat meals.  You will skip workouts.
But if you do, DON’T let one set back become TWO set backs.
DON’T let one cheat meal turn into TWO cheat meals. 
DON’T let one skipped workout, become TWO skipped workouts.
Weight loss.  Getting and staying fit.  It’s about being consistent.
Consistent in eating healthy.  Consistent in working out.
Every time you think about skipping a meal or a workout. I want you to think:
I am a fighter.  I am sticking to the plan.

Lesson One Recap: 
1. Wipe out negativity.
2. Use positive thoughts.
3. Minimize your failures.
4. Be consistent. 
Next up:  Consistency our #2 strategy.
I love this quote from the Rocky movie: How do you stay motivated? What are your sabotagers?
That’s how winning is done ! ~ Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa, 2006)


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