There is no one size fits all when it comes to getting and staying healthy. Tips to consider when you are looking at losing weight and getting fit.

Is this keeping you from being Successful?

Fitness: One size does not Fit All

If you google exercises, health and fitness, dieting, weight loss the number of hits is in the 100’s of millions, so why are there so many of us who still struggle to get fit?

I have invested in so many different programs, exercise programs, diet programs, exercise and diet programs and yet I am still struggling to lose the weight, and every year I seem to put a little more on.

I’ve even succeeded a few times in losing the weight on some of these programs or drastic diet programs like my soup diet, or the six-week body makeover, but they didn’t last long why?

I’ve asked myself why there are so many diets and exercise plans out there and yet they don’t seem to work for me or you, why do they work for other people?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I do know that for myself it’s all about the mind games. As I get older, and I don’t meet my goals I start to doubt myself. My mind has become my enemy.

Recognizing this is of course just the first step, and I by no means have the answers, I do know that I get SO frustrated I sometimes wonder if there is a conspiracy to keep me fat.

I realize that I provide myself with excuses for why I don’t workout: work, too tired, long days, too sore the list goes on… When real and legitimate reasons for not working out occur; broken ankle,  and bronchitis happen I lump them all together into a conspiracy.

I realize now that my brain needs just as much training as my body. I need to focus on keeping that desire that fueled my motivation, my hopes, and dreams alive and burning.

I think that the harder life has gotten, the more dreams that have fallen by the wayside, and the more I let myself down, has created a cycle of failures. I don’t think that I am afraid to succeed, I think that my brain has configured itself to believe that I can’t.

Realizing this is one small piece of the puzzle, now I need to figure out how to get the fire that I lost back. I know that without that passion, that fire in your belly to beat the odds my hopes and dreams won’t come to fruition.

I really want to look great, I don’t want to just lose weight, I want to see definition, and I want to help others who are struggling like myself to succeed.

I understand how failure plays with your mind until you get to a point where you self-sabotage.

I am going to work on focusing on my victories, no matter how small, because the small victories will add up to bigger victories. I will train my brain to focus on the positives and to acknowledge that setbacks are part of the process.

Just like losing weight doesn’t happen overnight neither will this. This is about more than just losing weight, it affects every aspect of my life. I am tired of feeling defeated and hopeless.

What are your struggles, excuses and mind games? What are your successes?



  • Holly

    We all struggle with things that keep us from succeeding in different parts of our weight has always been a struggle sometimes I think it was because I was abused at a young age and if I stay “fat” no one will abuse me again…since I know this I am going to work on it..goal for 2019..get healthy physically and emotionally!

    • admin

      Holly, Still working on it using the Myfitness app to track calories, not always easy though when you make your own food, and lots of tuna for lunch.

  • linda

    I struggle with weight issues too! I really hate to exercise and I am sure it is a brain thing and I should be able to overcome. I had weight loss surgery in 2011 and still struggle. I lost about 155 pounds and have gained back almost 30 of it. I still look and feel better, but seriously I don’t know why I struggle. I can barely eat anything. Anyhow, we all have our struggles!

    • admin

      Hi Linda,
      Mine has gone up and down too. I know what you mean about the struggle, I figure that as long as I am alive I will keep plugging away. I thought the same thing about not eating a lot, but that is part of the problem slows your metabolism down, so trying to get back into eating 3 meals again. The good news is we keep trying right, I am going to start swimming lessons in April so I am hoping that that will be the change agent. I am rooting for you to find yours too, something that you will look forward to doing.

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