Welcome to My Road My Story,



My name is Anita.  I was born and raised in the Plains of Nebraska.  I met my husband of 30 years in a laundromat, that’s a story for another time. Two pregnancies later and we had become a family of five. Our oldest was not even two when his twin brothers were born.

Tyler, our oldest, is a great brother and son. Trent and Travis, our twins, are beautiful souls.  What an adventure that was, especially since they were born in Germany.

I have done everything from being a military spouse and stay at home mom, to waitressing, telemarketing, teaching, child protective services, and running a prevention program for Urban Native Americans, but I have always said one day, I want to run my own ship.

I want this blog to be informative, fun, and I hope that we can learn from each other’s experiences. Welcome to My Road My Story! ?‍♀️









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