27 Ways to Shed Fat (or Keep the Weight Off) This Holiday Season

1) Avoid Sugar: No sugared drinks. Alcohol. Foods containing sugar.
2) Clean House: No, I’m serious. Clean house. In 15 minutes, you’ll burn 90+ calories.
3) Clean the Cupboards: If it didn’t come from this earth (came in a box or package) toss it.
4) Drink hot Tea: Herbal detox teas are commonly used for liver detox, weight loss, laxative effects, or overall detox after overindulgence in heavy foods or alcohol.
5) Opt for Light Beer/Wine: light beer (Beck’s Premier Light, 63 calories) or light wine (Kabinett Riesling, 95 calories).
6) Graze vs. Grande: Graze (on smaller portions) throughout the day vs. eating a full plate of food.
7) Make a Fist:  Limit the size. Carbs (pasta), Fruit/Veg and Protein (palm); Fats (your thumb).
8) Ditch the Topping: No gravy. No Butter. Use vegetable broth instead.
9) Smaller Plates: If you must load up with a full plate, trick your mind by using a smaller plate.
10) Heavy Proteins: Eat them only once. Munch on ‘healthy’ side dishes (fruits/vegetables).
11) Go for a Walk: Walk 15 minute after each meal.
12) H2O: Water (and unsweetened iced-tea) is no-cal.
13) Boxed Food? Did aunt Betty bring a pie? Opt for fresh strawberries (or blueberries) instead.
14) Only Once: During each holiday, allow ONE pig-out meal (only one). That means only one big plate of food for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas and one for New Year – in-between holidays or more-importantly, at the next meal – you know the ones…where you visit two sets of parents usually eating TWO very big meals on the day…instead, eat two smaller meals.
15) Be a Genius: Yes, play board games. They take our mind off nearby food. Sip water!!!
16) Wait for Dessert: Wait at least 1 hour after a meal.  ‘Healthy’ dessert. Rule 7, 8, 9, 13 apply.
17) Fast: Wait 16 hours (from the last meal the day prior) before eating the first next day meal.
18) Check Six: Six very-small meals (a handful of nuts or small plate of fresh veggies) 
19) Count Carbs: It’s easier to count carbs than calories – keep carbs between 35 – 50 per day.
20) Skip the Bread: Yes, we love it too! If you must, set a limit, one serving per day.
21) Share a Plate: If you stack the plate (rule 9 applies), share with a friend or loved one.
22) Eat Popcorn: In-between meals. But no butter. Lightly salted. Extra-fiber fills us up.
23) Eat Nuts: A handful of almonds are good in fiber, healthy fats and full of vital nutrients.
24) Take a Cold Shower: Google it. They help with weight loss.
25) Go Shopping: Walking around the Mall is a great way to burn calories.
26) Go Bowling: Instead of staying at home and watching sports or a movie. Bowl.
27) Go run Errands: Yep, go take care of business vs. sitting at home.

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