Life Lesson: What fuels you?

What fuels YOUR inspiration? For me, I was tired of getting the sand kicked in my face (metaphorically speaking). It was the summer of 1978, almost 40 years ago... I picked up my first Muscle Builder and Power Magazine. On the cover were three iconic bodybuilders:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and Frank Zane. All three

45 Day Beach Challenge Update!

For all those tuning into our Facebook Page at and note we kicked off a 45-Day Beach-Ready Challenge 8 days ago. We have a family vacation coming up in January and want to look our best and have been using this personal challenge to get in better shape. This comes on the heels

Lesson 3: Plan B

As I reflect on this moderately cool, gray morning... I think back, to a brighter spot in time last year - my normal workout plan, included: - Sprints - Obstacle courses - Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, other calisthenics - Weightlifting   Since then, THAT plan has required a drastic overhaul. If you recall in prior posts,

Lesson 2: Consistency

Rome wasn't built in a day. Especially when my (fictitious) body-construction crew took the morning off. I'm definitely suffering from a self-inflicted "pancake wound" (or make that two). Yes, I caved this morning, because my body was seriously craving carbs! I had two chocolate chip pancakes that I tossed into the toaster...they WERE "nice and toasty"...and