Midnight in Osijek.

January 16, 1998. The clock struck twelve. "Crap, we're late...we need to go," I said to my partner. By the time we said our goodbyes, got our coats and made our way to the truck, we were leaving the party 10 minutes late. The End of Mission Ceremony had concluded hours earlier signifying the end

The Beginning

There is something about the sun rising that gives me hope. It's a promise of  a new day, new beginnings. Often times a new beginning follows closely behind dark times. Those times when you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and helpless, but as long as we are alive and breathing we can recreate ourselves. I have found

Computer Woes

It is 4:05 a.m., I woke up about half an hour ago, and just could not get back to sleep. My mind was spinning with ideas for my blog. I pulled out my laptop, I just bought it last December, 2016. I opened up the computer, pushed the start button, and I heard the whirring