Find Your Sweet Spot

On Atlantic Avenue, not 50 paces from the Gulf Stream Canal, nestled under two very tall palm trees and a smaller shade tree hugging the building's interior Mediterranean-style walls, is Over The Bridge Cafe.   OTBC, on its surface, could easily fit comfortably along any coastal town's genre.  The name inspired by the draw bridge nestled close

Life Lesson: What fuels you?

What fuels YOUR inspiration? For me, I was tired of getting the sand kicked in my face (metaphorically speaking). It was the summer of 1978, almost 40 years ago... I picked up my first Muscle Builder and Power Magazine. On the cover were three iconic bodybuilders:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and Frank Zane. All three

45 Day Beach Challenge Update!

For all those tuning into our Facebook Page at and note we kicked off a 45-Day Beach-Ready Challenge 8 days ago. We have a family vacation coming up in January and want to look our best and have been using this personal challenge to get in better shape. This comes on the heels